toddler bedding

Here they are.. finally done.. These are my weekend project. After working for two days and spent about 10 hours to finish this bedding set, this project finally ready to wrap. It is a blanket, a bed sheet with two pillows and two bolsters. 

So cute isn't it!!

I waste too many hours to choose the color. And at the last minute I decided to have a gray bedding. It is ivory on the top blanket, and light gray at the back side combine with dotty gray. I was glad that they went well with the owl embroidery since this bedding set were made as a present to my new born nephew.. That's why I want to make something specials for him.. I made this one in toddler size..not baby size, so he still can use this set when he gets bigger.

Senangnya hati ketika seorang keponakan baru lahir.. Saya buatkan dia seperangkat perlengkapan tidur.. Satu set perlengkapan tidur dengan tema owl si burung hantu yang lucu. Sprei dan gulingnya warna abu-abu dengan motif polkado…

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