Making an Apron – Part 2
This weekend, I made an apron for my daughter. Simple apron with two pockets on each sides. And.. as she really loves flower,, I also made a flower brooch..

I made this one as a gift for my daughter. If you need something to give to your daughter, this apron is the perfect one. This apron is a quick and easy project that your kids will love to wear. When your kid receive their adorable apron, they will be so eager to find opportunities to use them. It is great isn’t it? Because your kids will want to wear their apron, and you won't have to worry about ruined clothes. Keep your kids' clothing protected and inspire their creativity when you give them this cute apron.

This apron is made of cotton with a strap on the neck and waist straps that tied backward.
There are 2 pockets on the right and left .. This pocket is a shirred patch pocket, top of the pocket are gathered using elastic rubber.. so it can stretch. My little girl loves flowers so I add a flow…

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