shirt for boy - with step by step picture tutorial and free download pdf pattern

Sewing Batik's Shirt for Boy

Celebrating the National Day ... my sons' school is often obliged to wear batik instead of his school uniform. Especially on the commemoration of National Batik's Day. At the event they are required to keep wearing batik clothes with free motifs and colors for a whole week. Yupp .. full for a whole week children goes to school wearing batik that became the identity and the pride of this country. That's why, I've made some batik shirts for him. Here is one of the batik shirts I've made.
kemeja batik diy

This batik made from cotton. Creme is the basic color, decorated with red maroon. I chose this color to make his teenage image is not lost because wearing batik. I applied One Piece Collar on this shirt, about how to make this Collar  you can see in other parts of this blog. On the left chest, I added a welt pocket instead of the patch pocket like most school uniform shirts.

Want to try to make batik shirt as well? Check this one out ...

What you need:

  • Batik's fabric, I choose soft cotton material for comfortable use for children.
  • Interfacing
  • Pattern, and other sewing supplies
Pocket's need :
  • Welt rectangle (interfaced rectangle) that is about four times the height of the welt and a couple centimeters wider.
  • Pocket facing - ( same color as the welt rectangle) a rectangle approximately the size of  welt piece that will be top-stitched to the pocket lining to act as a backdrop for the welt pocket
  • Pocket lining -  made out of thin cotton or some other pocketing material. The width is the same width as the welt rectangle and about 30 centimeters long.

Make shirt pattern. Prepare a shirt pattern for boy, make sleeve pattern and collar, here because i was hunted by the time I choose to use ‘One Piece Collar as the collar ( it is the fastest way to make collar). A short way to make a pattern of child clothes you can see pola baju anak  in other parts of this blog.

Or you can click DOWNLOAD POLA  for shirts in the form of pdf files that you can print yourself. Do not worry .. download this pattern is Free. And I am so sorry, this is not the best pdf file I made, so sorry if the image will a bit blur, but as my friend said it is quite helpful.. ^_^.
free download pdf shirt pattern
And from the print paper you will get the pattern like the tile scheme for the following A4 size paper.
Assemble the paper with glue. 
Note : this pattern is for elementary student's aged ( my son is 11 this year) , you can adjust following any size you want.

Okay.. Lets move..


Cut The Fabric
Importan to know! before cutting the batik, observe the motive first .. The direction of each picture, facing up or down. If it's a flower, see if the flower is sown or facing in one direction or not. If it is animal design, observe the image which direction are the animal's face.

1. Cut the bodice
Front : 2 pieces of right-left, do not forget to fold the center top/front about 7 cm wide to make the front placket).
Back  : fold the center back before cutting
Collar ( 2 pcs) , 
Pocket set including its liner and facing
cara membuat kemeja

( image 1a – 1b ) Press interfacing with hot iron , then make the collar.
( image 2) Sew together back shoulder and front shoulder. And finish with serger.
( image 3) Press interfacing to the front placket, fold following lines mark in the pattern then make a top stitch on it
cara membuat kemeja

( image 4) Place collar on the neckline, Pin. Then sew it. don't forget to trim the seams before making closing stitch
( image 5) Draw marking on the chest to place the pocket. It's wide about 12-14 centimeters width depends on the shirts wearer.
( image 6-7) Place welt rectangle on the mark then make the welt. Add liner on the mark to make pocket bag. Trim the seams.
cara membuat kemeja

( image 8-9) Fold the liner to create a bag pocket. Stitch around bag pocket from the wrong side.
( image 10) This is a welt pocket, so I gave top stitch on it
( image 11) And the welt pocket is done. I'm so sorry I did it a bit hurry so I don't have that much step by step photo to show every detail in assembling this pocket.
cara membuat kemeja

Continue to the next step
( image 12) Place sleeve on the arm hole, Pin, then sew around it. After sleeves added, hem the bottom of sleeves, and the bottom of shirt
( image 13) Make button hole and add the buttons.
cara membuat kemeja

And that's it.. my batik shirt is done
kemeja batik diy

Now it's your turn to make your own.
See you 
Aand.. Happy sewing..