neckline embroidery for tunic

Neckline Embroidery

Motif Bordir / Sulaman untuk Kerung Leher

Hi.. what I want to share this time is the motive to decorate the neckline. As it is commonly used in Indian fashion or long dress for muslim women. At the previous article I shared about many designs of embroidery in motif bordir , and I also have shared embroidery pattern for men's shirt in baju koko pria  . You can see them on other pages of this blog. This design can be embroidered by hand, embroidered with free movement machine embroidery or embroidered using a computer embroidery machine. Just adjust to the desired threads color and size of the pattern.

This image design is obtained from Thank you very much for the designer who created this beautiful design, and if there are any of you who can inform me who the creator of this picture,  I'll thank you so much. From the raw image I copy from pinterest, then I tried to digitize it into an image for computer embroidery. After editing process the results are as the following pictures ..

neckline embroidery
motif bordir untuk leher
So lovely isn't it.. 

Hold on.. today I'll show you my other embroidery file with you. These 2 image below are also neckline design. Inspired by beautiful of Salwar Kameez in India and some other country. Like my first picture, these design also can be done by hand embroidery or free movement embroidery machine too.
These design were sent to me from a friend of mine.. She also captured these image from Well.. I have tried to digitize the image using the same embroidery software. And this is it.. the final result. You can resize / zoom out the design until you meet the correct size, the actual dimension is noted below the picture.
I have applied this design into long dress for girl.

neckline embroidery
motif bordir untuk baju muslim
This time I share only the design.. next time I will share embroidering techniques and various stitches and how to create / digitzing images with JPG format into images with emb format for embroidery with computerized machines. You can enlarge/minimized this image. The original size is shown below the picture.
neckline embroidery
motif bordir untuk jubah

thank you..
happy sewing..


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