membuat celemek untuk anak-anak


My little girl Zeya, really loves to play as a chef. She plays that game almost every day. She wrote on a her book recipes that she is the only one person who knows how to cook them all… hahhaa..  And now,, I want to make an apron for her.

making a simple apron

I have made an apron for my friend.. this is the pattern I made for my friend. It is fit to a little girl. A very simple one. It has a very simple cuts like this..

And.. this is the picture when it is already done

So simple isn’t it?? Well.. I’m not going to make the same as that one. For my little girl, I want to make something little bit girly..  
I have prepared the fabric and the pattern.. 
And.. this is it.. apron for my daughter
celemek untuk anak

See you in the next part. I will show you there how to make apron for little girl..