neckline embroidery

Embroidery for men's shirt


Nowadays.. Muslim clothes for men are commonly decorated using embroidery techniques. In the worldwide , there are some popular websites that are specialized in making embroidery software. And the price of each design offered is quite diverse, depending to the details and the difficulty level of the design. For those of you who want to buy embroidery design software, can visit the website such as:, and so on .. They also provides free download service with a limited amount on each new customer.

This time I will share the idea about making embroidered decoration on neckline. I prefer to make my own embroidery design, both for personal use and for business purposes that I manage. Here are some of my favorite design I made. This motif can be used in making menswear. But I think .. this design may also be used for women's clothing.

neckline embroidery , desain bordir baju koko

This is one of my favorite design, geometric patterns with repetition of diamond shape, these repetition arranged in such a way, embroidered on a plain material with a slightly shiny dark purple of embroidery thread. Geometric pattern make the person who make this design looks more manful.

Creating an embroidery design is actually quite easy ..

The first step to design is to determine the theme .. the theme of your design can be diverse, from the theme of geometric shapes, abstract shapes, natural forms such as twigs, leaves, flowers, silhouettes of animals and much more.

After choosing the theme, next step is sketching. From the sketch you made, you can refine the shape, replicate repeatedly, magnify / minimize the results, duplicate, then assemble it into a single unit.

So simple is not it ..

From the image below for example ..
cara membuat motif bordir

After assembled will be a unity like the design I made below.

neckline embroidery , desain bordir baju koko

By using of embroidery software can be known this design dimensions are 44.23cm x 14.46cm. This design is suitable to make decoration on chest on salwar kameez or muslim shirts both for man and for woman.

And .. I have applied these designs to some shirt ..

Embroidery results will be looked like this .. so sorry for the picture. It is a bit blur.

neckline embroidery , desain bordir baju koko

neckline embroidery , desain bordir baju koko

For you who are not accustomed to embroidery using the machine embroidery, you can also decorate  using hand embroidery.. from the description above, this design has dimensions 44.23cm x 14.46cm ,, so you can calculate how many threads you will need ..

And this one , another design that I had embroidered to decorate man's shirts

neckline embroidery , desain bordir baju koko

neckline embroidery , desain bordir baju koko

See another section of this blog to get the next idea about the embroidery design of neckline for women's dress motif bordir untuk leher pada busana wanita.

Hopefully this article is useful for you.. See you in the next design..