Last week, I showed you an Easy and Simple Pillow Case Tutorial, and today for my second one I wanted to go with a more romantic feel.

This time I want to show you how to make an envelope pillow case with piping and applique.
cushion cover diy

On my previous pillow case I used cotton as its material. And this time I made cushion covers with something more velvety.. I use Velboa. In my town, this fabric can be found in a doll store or craft supplier. If you don’t want to use this fabric, you can use velvet or fat short mohair as the material. But just for your information, mohair can be very expensive. That’s why velboa is perfect one for me.

cushion cover diy

This ‘Love-H O M E’ cushions I made for my friend for her valentine decorations. The application are made from fine cotton. I love the floral printed.
If you are a beginner sewer and would like to try your hand at garment,, sewing this project is the perfect for you to make something like a pro.  There is a little bit of gathering, but other than that it’s really just straight-forward sewing. And it is a great skill to learn.

Find the pattern and instructions in cushion covers tutorial, it’s also given in Bahasa Indonesia.. 

Well.. thank you for stopping by.. see you in the next project..