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MINNIE MOUSE DRESS~ with pattern ~

My daughter really loves Disney cartoon characters. One of them is Minnie Mouse. That's why, she wants to have Minnie mouse dress. She wants to have this dress with long sleeves.

I make this dress because my little girl wants to have a dress with Minnie Mouse theme. Dress with fresh red and white spots. Just like that disney character's cloths. Look  so fresh and cheerful to see her with this dress. I made this drees following her request, she wants a long-sleeved dress and cotton as its material. 

    Ok.. let's continue to the next step
Supplies Needed:
  • 1 meter polka-dot cotton fabric - I use japanese cotton fabric, because this material very comfort to children's skin and its color does not easily fade although I washed it too often. And because my little daughter is still a kindergarten student so 1 meter of fabric is enough considering the width of this material is 150 cm.
  • Fabric for ribbon - can also use real fabric ribbon. I prefer to use ribbon that I made by my self from fabric with small square pattern, black and white, because I think this ribbon will be more strong and not easily torn. And also the cloth ribbon is more easily torn if washed using wahing machine. Cut the fabric for ribbons as wide as ( 2 pieces) 5cm x 50cm and  ( 1 )5cmx125cm
  • small pieces of fabric for applique - motif and color is free .. I choose black with dotty pattern  of yellow as the combination.
  • zipper
  • interfacing
  • red and white threads
  • bias tape ( filled or piping bias tape) color : white, or if there is no white piping ready on store you can also make your own bias tape using Piping techniques.
  • white lace
  • small elastic 50cm.
  • small rubber rope (if you do not have any, a rubber thread can be replaced them) it is optional .. because this function only for shrinking. I prefer to shrink with rubber tweezers or rubber threads because the results are better and do not need to tug at the yarn to create ruffles. But without the tangle or the rubber thread is okay. Using sewing threads is alright.
model baju anak terkini
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OK, let's execute

Made a pattern like this .. made the basic pattern for the child's body and then adjust them follow the design as picture below. If you need to draft pattern more clearly find here making the pattern of children can be seen in my article about making the basic pattern of children  DRAFTING PATTER FOR CHILDREN,,, or if you don't have much time to draft pattern , you can clone any dress of your girl and get the pattern, I did this many times .. ^ _ ^

tutorial sewing dress for kids - free pattern

Step 1
Cut the fabric. Cut following the pattern . Give some extra  space for seam allowance.
And you shall have these:

1 piece front bodice
2 pieces back bodice, give 2-3cm extra at the center back to sew the zipper
2 pieces sleeves

facing for neckline, 2 pieces each of them

Step 2
Connect the front shoulder with the back shoulder, sew them then serger .. and set aside for awhile and do the following:

tutorial sewing dress for kids

( image 1 ) Cut interfacing for neck, press them using hot iron. Then sew  together back and front facing.
(image 2) Sew bias tape, only at one side at the outer circumference( note: as I stated above we cut facing 2 pieces each of them didn't we? ... ). After sew bias tape at the correct position, now sew together both facing, the outer and the inner facing. (that's why the layers were made 2 pieces). NOTE : Sew these facing at the neckline not the outer circumference which already have bias tape on them.
(image 3) If it's done, press once again with hot iron, note: the bottom is no need to be sewn .. Just fold the seams, then iron to be neat and so that it will be easy for us to continue the next step. Piping can make simple clothes that you make look like a professional made
(image 4). On the bodice that has been sewn its ​​shoulder before. .. Place the rubber loops around the neck circumference using the zig-zag stitch  as shown in the picture, this one I meant to make a perfect ruffle instantly. But if there is no rubber rope, you can use rubber thread, or ruffle with sewing thread.

After we made ruffles like this, attach the facing that have been sewn bias tape as above to the bodice. Put the ruffled part connect together with the facing which has bias tape and sew its circumference.

Then go to the next stage.
tutorial jahit baju - tutorial sewing
(image 5) Made a ribbon. made from fabric which has square pattern.
(image 6) the ribbon 2 pieces , each are 50cm, then sew one of them at the top of arm hole, and the other one at the facing. ( sorry for the picture, it is less light as I sew this dress at night.. ^-^ )
(image 7) Sew the zipper.
(image 8) Sew together back side and front side.. Then sew this square pattern fabric as it's decorative ornament.
(image 9) Add elastic rubber on the wirst.
(image 10) The last is optional, but it is important.. made the applique , see here to find how to make applique in very simple way Membuat Applique dari Perca

And here you are, it's completely done..
how to sew dress for little girl - diy dress - diy cara menjahit baju

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