Making the pattern for the child is actually not as complicated as imagined. It is only need an understanding of how to make it. Here I share with you how to create patterns for children. I hope it will be useful for you.pattern for kid - pola dasar anak


Draw square line, and mark with ABCD as below.
( noted : the information given in this pattern is in centimeter / CM )

A – C = ½ body circumference + 2
B – D = A — C
A – B = center back length + 1 ½
C – D = A—B
A – E= ½ A-C
A – F = 1/6 neck circumference + ½
A – G = (A – F ) + 1
F – G = draw a curve to make front neck line
B – H = A— E
E – L = measure  2 ½ down , usually  2 ½ cm, but you can make 2cm (it doesn't make a big different)
H— K = ½ L – H
Draw a line from  F to  L
F – I = shoulder width , measure from the side of neck to the top of armhole.
B – J = K - H
G – M = ½ G– J
M – N = ½ chest width
Draw a curve  I – N – K


C – O = 1 ½
C – P = A – F
Draw curve O-P
P - Q = shoulder width
O – S = ½ O – R
S – T = ½ back width
Draw a curve Q —T— K

And your pattern is done.

This is only a basic bodice pattern. You can adjust them following any design you want to make. If you need to know about how to make collar pattern, find them here  HOW TO DRAFT COLLAR PATTERN . For you who are looking for any idea to make a shirt or have some project for your boys , maybe you can see mine here  Boy's Cloths - Ide Membuat Baju Koko , or you can see all under Label Sewing to find my other project in girls and boys cloths, or you can download pdf pattern for boy in Free Download pdf Pattern. (note for this pdf.. this is not a maximum result that I made.. but I think it's quite help as some friend said to me..:D )

Or you can also download another pdf file of kids bodice pattern here, and these all are FREE... yaaay.. far..this is that I can share to you all.. thank you so much,